Like many other countries Thailand requires you to have a visa to stay longer than 30 days. We can help provide assistance in gaining a Non-Immigrant visa for you or your family. Our staff will happily assist in providing you all the necessary paperwork and support to obtain your visas.

Business organizations in Thailand are classified into companies, partnerships or sole proprietorship’s. Our team will help and explain all aspects and provide guidance to you throughout the process, so that you can sit back and relax as everything is setup for you.

All services are aboveboard and follow Thai law.

Visa Services

  • ED/Guardian Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Retirement Visa
  • Work Permits

Business Services

  • Setup
  • Limited Company
  • Company structure
  • Dissolution of Company

Our Services

Business Visa

Non Immigrant B Visa is issued to those who are employed by a company registered in Thailand or are going to start up their own business.

Retirement Visa

Must be 50 years of age or above, to apply for Non Immigrant O Visa based on Retirement.

ED/Guardian Visa

If you or your child (Non Thai) are going to study in Thailand, You can apply for Non Immigrant O Visa based on Guardian visa or ED if studying.

Thai Work Permit

A work permit allows a non-Thai citizen to work and operate a business in Thailand. Before you can apply or be issued with a work permit you must have a non-immigrant visa first.


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